Swasth Health Coach

Awareness is first step towards better health


Swasth in hindi means healthy. Non communicable diseases  (NCD) has emerged as one of the major contributor of mortalities in developing countries. One of the key reason is the changing life style choices, Food , Social and Environment factors. Despite the high mortalitity rate i.e close to 60% in India, there is very little awareness. Our platform is designed to educate the user about potential NCD risks such as Diabetes, Respiratory and Cardio Diseases based on their current health profile, provide a means to confirm the risks and manage them efficiently. Our intention is to bring the ecosystem of hospitals, health care providers, insurance  and other key stakeholders to ultimately benefit the user in both preventive medical care as well as managing any ongoing medical condition. Our mission is to play an active role in reducing the mortalities related to  NCD in India and potentially abroad. Our differentiation is our platform which combines machine learning to intutive user interface in achieving this goal.